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Cannabis Meets HealthCare at O’Cannabiz 2018

Amazing Speakers at Cannabis Meets HealthCare during O’Cannabiz 2018 

  1. Kevin Hall, Opening Remarks
  2. Dr. David Ostrow, Opportunities in Community-Based Therapeutics Research
  3. Dr .Joseph Rosado, Baby Boomer:  Fastest Growing of Medical Cannabis Users
  4. Dr. David Hepburn, Overcoming The Stigma of Medical
  5. Dr. Ira Price, Cannabis as a Tool to Treat the Opioid Crisis
  6. Hilda Gan, Defining Impairment and Cannabis in the Work Place
  7. Judge Shelli Hayes (Retired), The Opioid Crisis from a Judicial Perspective


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Cannabis & Our Community Forum by NICHE CANADA

Cannabis & Our Community Forum by  NICHE Canada in Vancouver on Nov 27 2018

With Great Thanks to JADEO for the invite!

​Highlights of the Day include the following:

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair – Barinder Rasode of NICHE CANADA


  • Keynote Presentation – Update from Health Canada

An overview of the federal framework for cannabis, including the federal licensing regime and packaging and labelling requirement for cannabis products

Supporting communities through awareness, education and compliance

Engagement with First Nations, Inuit and the Métis Nation


Your 360° View of the Regulatory Landscape: Federal, Provincial and Municipal Updates

Kathryn Kolbuch Holm, P.Eng., Director, Licensing & Community Standards, Chief Licence Inspector, City of Vancouver

Exploring the most current legal framework from a federal perspective

An overview of Alberta’s provincial cannabis laws to manage access and use

Municipal perspectives on the path to legalization on the ground – what measures can be taken to best support communities during this landmark transition?
– Land-use planning, zoning and business licensing – what steps should be taken to ensure preparedness?


Capitalizing on Cannabis: Unlocking Potential Growth Opportunities

Making the transition from an underground market to legitimate business from distribution to retailing

Exploring opportunities in support sectors, including accounting, security, packaging, marketing and legal expertise

Business development opportunities as the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis use


From the Workplace to the Roads: Taking the Appropriate Health, Safety and Risk Mitigation Measures

Gerald Thomas, Director, Alcohol Tobacco, Cannabis & Gambling Policy at British Columbia

Exploring the impact of recreational cannabis use on public health, including ways to empower public education

Cannabis at work: what employers should consider when updating their occupational health and safety policies

Understanding and assessing cannabis health benefits coverage claims

Taking measure to ensure communities are safe, supported and well-educated in appropriate consumption

Spotlight on policing and enforcement including required new protocols and training


Sharing Best Practices from Other Jurisdictions


Creating a Collaborative Community to Optimize Benefits and Mitigate Risks

Bert Hick, President, Rising Tide Consultants

Rosy Mondin, CEO, QuadronCorp, Executive Director, Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada

Adam Greenblatt, Aurora Cannabis Inc.

This interactive panel discussion features a range of perspectives ready to equip you with the information you need to prepare and achieve common goals as legalization rapidly approaches. Learn from their experiences and expertise – and come prepared with your most pressing questions.